The Quest

So why a fifty state race quest? Why olympic distance triathlons and half marathons? How long will it take?

In reverse order – I expect to take the next two plus decades to complete my quest. Yes, you read that right, I expect to take 20-25 years. I already have Maryland and Virginia covered, and anticipate doing two to three races per year towards my goal. The pace may pick up if there is a significant change in my employment, but for the foreseeable future two to three travel events per year is sustainable.

I chose olympic tri and half marathon distances in part because they are my favorite distances and in part because the training required fits well into my life. Between work and other non-training activities, this was a significant but comfortable commitment.

Why do this at all? When I was planning my most recent international trip, it occurred to me that in many ways, I’ve seen more foreign locations than I have of my own country. OS the plan is not only to race in each state, but to take three to five additional days to explore at least a part of the state. Obviously, I won’t be able to see everything in the US, but I should see a lot more that I have to date and might otherwise. The desire to combine a mini-vacation with each race also fed into the decisions on race distance and frequency.

For the next year, 2015, I’m planning on covering Florida, Wisconsin, and most likely Pennsylvania. I’d love to hear suggestions on great local races in other areas, so post your ideas in the comments!


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