Marine Corps Marathon

Sorry for the inconsistent posting – was in my best friend’s wedding party last weekend.

Last year I ran my first full marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon. I highly recommend MCM for a first marathon, although you’ll need to be on standby to register as soon as it opens – it regularly sells out within an hour or two! The course is lined with spectators almost all the way along the race, and both the crowds and the Marines working the water stations cheer you throughout the race.

Admittedly, while I had run half marathons previously, I started my marathon training a little late. My longest training run had been 20 miles, and while some plans will tell you that is enough, for myself I really wish I had gotten up to at least 24 miles before the race. I cramped at about 21.5 miles and had to walk for awhile, so I ended up with a time just over 6 hours when my goal had been to finish in under 6 hours. But I was happy with the race as a first marathon.

Next week, my personal thoughts on training…


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